Let me guess…

You are here because want to get rid of pain, improve your performance, or both!

In either case, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) will help you.

Years ago, I had a life changing injury where I fractured my back which lead me to wanting to find the best solution to get back to being 100%

After years of going through modalities that fell short of my expectations, I finally came across one that fixed the cause of my issues and not only got me back to feeling great, but gave me a foundation to feel and perform better than I ever have in my entire life.

Now, I get the opportunity to do that for you!

I help people unlock their athletic potential and have the freedom to do what they love without the worries of injuries and age slowing them down.

And I do it through my E.A.S.E process, because life is going to beat you up, but I am here to put you back together and keep it that way so you can go about your life with ease.

Without E.A.S.E everything falls apart!

All those things you have previously tried may not have worked not because there is something wrong with you – they just don’t have the right strategy or tools to be effective in your specific situation. MAT is most likely the missing link.

As you are experiencing pain and/or restricted movement, we want a solution that works: we don’t want a quick fix with temporary relief.

Most stuff out there addresses the symptoms (tightness, aches, pains). With a thorough assessment, we will uncover the causes of what is holding you back.

With MAT we use 77 Range of Motion Exams and 214 Muscle Tests to help us identify which of your muscles are not “firing” (receiving and/or acting on the brain’s signal). Once the cause for the pain and impaired mobility is identified, we will begin a series of muscle tests in an established process and work to “reactivate” the affected muscles.

Other methods attempt to relax the muscle to lengthen or change it by stretching, heating, kneading, or foam rolling. In contrast, MAT activates your muscle so that it will become better prepared to handle the force applied to it through everyday movements and exercise.

Once we have rebooted your system, it’s time to develop more strength on top of that so you can be at the top of your game and feeling great!

Are you an athlete wanting to improve your performance and recovery?

Check out this video by GQ about MAT founder Greg Roskopf and his success with US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau.

Annoyed with pain and discomfort that you haven’t been able to get lasting relief from?

Here from others I have worked with that were struggling with their own pains.

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